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Thursday 12th September - 7pm start

AGM followed by video films.

The September slot is taken up as usual by our AGM. Once business is out of the way, we’ll indulge ourselves in video films.

Tuesday 15th October - 7pm start

Rob Williams - Leominster, Knighton, Presteigne and Eardisley lines

We welcome Rob Williams for the first time in October. Since taking his first B+W photos around Hereford and Gloucester in the early 60s, Rob has amassed a collection of images from numerous sources including friends, former railwaymen and bequests. Using the latest software, even the most challenging image can be revived to reveal long hidden detail, some of which may well turn up in his presentation covering the Leominster, Knighton, Presteigne and Eardisley lines.

Thursday 14th November - 7pm start

Paul Chancellor - Colour Rail Evening.

Paul Chancellor returns in November with the very latest additions to the renowned Colour Rail catalogue. Last time, his grouping of images under sections A to Z proved quite a challenge at times as to what the letters represented, to the amusement of the audience. What will Paul have in store next time?

Tuesday 3rd December - 7pm start

Peter Brabham - The John Wiltshire collection.

The custodian of the images taken across the UK by the late John Wiltshire, it’s a first visit to the MRS for Peter Brabham, in December. A number of the high quality, colour photographs from the days of steam around Newport and S.Wales have been used in the Journal in recent issues, but here will be a chance to see more of what the collection has to offer. Mainly BR with some industrials from 1950 to the 1970s, the show will focus on S.Wales and Gloucestershire, plus a few oddities.

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Thursday 16th January - 7pm start

Roger Binding - Narrow Gauge Steam Miscellany

Roger Binding delves further into his personal photographic collection in January 2020, this time taking a look through his digital images of narrow gauge lines over three continents. Those visited include a Lynton & Barnstable Gala, Brecon Mtn. Rly. charter, Isle of Man, Romania, Eritrea and in Colorado, the 45 mile, 3ft gauge Durango & Silverton Rly., bestowed the status of a National Historic Landmark.

Tuesday 18th February - 7pm start

Big Screen Video Evening.

Our popular 'big screen' video evening.

Thursday 12th March - 7pm start

Colin Boocock - Eastleigh Works

In the 1950s and 1960s, Colin Boocock was employed at Eastleigh Loco Works. He makes one of his occasional visits to us in March with a show covering the full 100 plus years history of the works, including his own experiences. The story comes up-to-date with the closure of the Works and its resurgence in a new guise since then.

Tuesday 7th April - 7pm start

MRS/Ray Viney - The Eastern Valley

Description to follow

Please Note:- Friday 15th May - 7pm start

Christian Wolmar - Subject to be confirmed

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Tuesday 16th June - 7pm start

P. Skelton - UK Steam 60-68

Description to follow


Thursday 10th September - 7pm start

AGM follow by Video Films.

The September slot is taken up as usual by our AGM. Once business is out of the way, we’ll indulge ourselves video films. 

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