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Bob Hughes continues his memories of the cold days in Bristol in 1940 as a young fireman. Chris Yewlett and the railways of Malaysia. Increase in Heavy Goods trains lengths in South Wales; From the 1906 GWR magazine. Mike Cornick relates his finding on an old map of Monmouthshire - The Cwmbran Connection.

02 Summer 1987

Harold Walkley charts the meteoric rise and fall of the canal, railway and dock development at Swansea. Brian Tanner, ex-signalman Park Junction, reports on a recent acquisition. Bob Hughes remembers the unmerciless nicknaming amongst train staff. Short references to 28XX ending up in Glebelands allotments. Happy Birthday P.S. Waverley - 40th Birthday celebrations in the Channel.

03 Autumn 1987

GW Saint leaving Chepstow. Bob Hughes recalls what it was like on the footplate of the Bassaleg Banker slogging up to Machen with 80 wagons. D200 keeps 'Linesider' awake. Harold Walkley a from LMS man, had some experience of Midland and LMS Compound locomotives so he explains what compounding was all about. Desmond Thorne is amoung the Bustlers and Nippers with the latest news of the bus scene in South East Wales area. P.S. Waverley has a Spring clean in Cardiff. With the interment closure of Severn Tunnel Yard we investigate the reasoning behind B.R.'s far reaching proposals.

04 Winter 1987

An interesting view of Aberbeeg station. Severn Tunnel Junction Marshalling Yards closed in October. Bill Winter, who worked there, writes a short history of the Yard, sprinkled with memories of a few of its characters. Bryn Thomas records the last moments of Severn Tunnel Marshalling Yards. Robert Hughes looks back to his main line firing days with a story about an unscheduled stop at Reading. Desmond Thorne forsakes his Bedford OB and goes by train for a day out on the Severn Valley Railway, with which he is impressed. B.R. however, did not enchant him.

05 Spring 1988

Star of our old photos this time is Queen Matilda. Bob Hughes gives a graphic account told to him by the fireman who was on the footplate when a coal train ran away down the Eastern Valley. Bryn Thomas adds more to his article on the demise of Severn Tunnel Yards. Chris Hopcroft rounds off the Severn Tunnel Junction saga, from the footplate of 08589 on the last night. Newport, like all railway centres, has a incredible number of signal boxes - Harold Walkley lists them.

06 Summer 1988

Webb Coal Tanks - description of, design etc. Used in South Wales, run down and disposal in Gwent - Harold Walkley. Bob Hughes describes overloading on the footplate and trains a tale to tell at South Quay, Newport Docks with the Pannier tanks, and coming down through Bedwas to Newport with a passenger on the footplate of a 36XX Pannier. J. Geoffrey Todd recalls the big engines on the Norfolk and Western Region. The Cambrian 21 Years On - David Matthews. An even longer list of Newport Signal Boxes by Ray Caston. The Ubiquitous Six-Coupled from the camera of Barry Foster and the pen of Jeff Bishop.

07 Autumn 1988

Bob Hughes remembers the thirsty 42's with 2 stories, one of a '42' using colossal amounts from Pontypool to Newport, and 4280 working the 05.30 Maesglas - Talywain. The Railways of Libya by Colin Barnes. Harold Walkley describes Stanier's follies.

08 Winter 1988

Neil Sprinks - history/description of the line built to move iron ore down to Watchet for shipment across the Bristol Channel to feed the Ebbw Vale furnaces. Bob Hughes recalls the transfer of two passenger workings from Ebbw Jcn. to Pill in 1943 due to pressure of work, and the acquiring of Pannier tanks 3700 + 3605 to work the Tredegar turns. Subsequently, 4662 sent new to replace 3700. Mention of last Brecon train, 12/62 with 3700. Ken Mumford on an unforgettable week on the footplate of pannier 9675, 9675 in 9/65 around Pengam(Mon) and Sirhowy Valley and its crew, banking class 47 diesel D1652 and also a cab ride in the '47' with 400 tons from Pengam to Pontymister, returning on 9675. Rails around Manchester with Harold Walkley.

09 Spring 1989

Bob Hughes recalls An Unsavoury Breakfast. Neil Sprinks negotiates 17 trains in a day! Ray Caston describes Monmouthshire Bank. The Passing Loop. Lee Cole adds a Manchester Postscript. Omnibus Notes.

10 Summer-Autumn 1989

Last Day on the B & M - K. Mumford - recalls the last day of passenger operations, 29/12/62, taking the train from Pengam (Mon.) - Brecon and return. 4627 Up, 3700 & 9776 Down.. Bob Hughes - A Drivers Memoirs, tells of working 1027 'County of Stafford', Newport - Swansea - Cardiff. Problems getting steam, poor coal and yet the driver still trying to thrash it. The Passing Loop. Omnibus Notes.

11 Winter 1989-90

Bob Hughes - A Drivers Memoirs some of the aspects of a railway during wartime. Air raids and U.S. troops berthing at South Quay, Newport Docks are included. Further B & M Thoughts - Ken Mumford. Monmouthshire Signal Boxes 2 - Llanhilleth Branch Box - Ray Caston. The Railway Clearing House - Bill Snell - explains how and why it came into existence and its responsibilities. Omnibus Notes - Desmond Thorne.

12 Spring 1990

Good Engines with the right shovel - Harold Walkley -describes the 1946 Ivatt class 2 2-6-2T with some detail on their physical attributes. Refers to modifications and their use and testing on the Abergavenny - Brynmawr line. Some firing problems noted at Brecon, examples of non-LMS men trying them out. Monmouthshire Signal Boxes 3, Pengam Colliery South - Ray Caston. A Driver's Memoirs - Bob Hughes - describes the processes involved when a fireman comes on duty and is given a loco with just 60lb pressure and 1 inch of water in the gauge glass and has to get ready to move off . The Passing Loop. Omnibus Notes - Desmond Thorne.

13 Autumn 1990

The Beames 0-8-4 Tanks a description of their design, shortcomings and use in North Monmouthshire - T. G. Housden. The LMSR Automatic Blowdown Valve - Harold Walkley. Chinese Interlude - Ray Morgan. Monmouthshire Signal Boxes 4 Rhiwderin - Ray Caston. Boiler Certificates Explained. The Passing Loop. Omnibus Notes - Desmond Thorne.

14 February 1991

What's New in Ireland - Neil Sprinks. The Evolution and Failings of Royal Scots - Harold Walkley. Monmouthshire Signal Boxes 5, Bassaleg Junction - Ray Caston. Driver's Memoirs - Bob Hughes. The Passing Loop. Beames Tanks Postscript- H Walkley.

15 June 1991

Locomotive Development, LNWR and Successors - Harold Walkley. Monmouthshire Signal Boxes Cwm Station - Ray Caston. The Passing Loop. Omnibus Notes - Desmond Thorne.

16 November 1991

A Driver's Memoirs - The End of an Era - Bob Hughes recalls a 'superb trip' firing on 6999 Capel Dewi Hall, Newport - Paddington non-stop, Autumn 1952. Departed 10m late, arrived 2m early. Monmouthshire Signal Boxes Aberbargoed Junction - Ray Caston. Excursions to Cadbury's - Harold Walkley. The Passing Loop. Omnibus Notes - Desmond Thorne.

17 March 1992

Portrait of a loco - 25 Squadron - Henry West. The LMS 2-6-4 tanks - Harold Walkley - run through some of the different types, designers and detail changes of a type totalling 645 by 1951. Monmouthshire Signal Boxes - Pill Bank Junction - Ray Caston. A very Temporary Railwayman - Norman Stevens. The Passing Loop. An Unimpressive Slog - Harold Walkley - from a Midland perspective, impressions of a footplate trip on a 49XX Hall from Cardiff to Bristol and back. Much comment on the heavy water and coal consumption. Omnibus Notes - Desmond Thorne.

18 September 1992

The Pontrhydyfen Accident - John Livesey - highly detailed account of the events leading upto, during and after the head-on collision of a Down coal train and a DMU on 24/11/60. Monmouthshire Signal Boxes - Moderator Sidings - Ray Caston. The Norfolk & Western Rly. Co - Anon. The Passing Loop. That's Hall - Ray Caston. - in response to H. Walkley's article of March 1992 (item G) this explores in a basic way coal & water consumption for 4 different locos, drawing conclusions on driver skills.

19 March 1993

A First Footplate Trip Remembered - Ian Brewer - describes his schoolboys footplate trip on a 9F from Park Jcn. to Ebbw Vale steelworks and back with an ore train in the 1950's. Driving Defiant - Henry West - a day spent at Tyseley on a footplate experience course, some of which included GWR Castle 'Defiant'. Monmouthshire Signal Boxes - Fleur-de-Lis - Ray Caston. More on that Unimpressive Slog - Harold Walkley. Double Deck Commuting - Neil Sprinks. The Passing Loop.

20 September 1993

Sid Davies's Reminiscences - Sid remembers his days at Ebbw Junction Locomotive Depot - 1940-1953. Monmouthshire Signal Boxes - Newport West - Ray Caston. A Filming Experience T.V.R. 150 - Ian Brewer & Ray Viney.

21 March 1994

Sid Davies's Reminiscences - Sid remembers his days at Ebbw Junction Locomotive Depot 1954-1957. Monmouthshire Signal Boxes - Crumlin (High Level) - Ray Caston. Homage to a King - Keith Webb - describes with detail, his day out behind 6024 on Easter Monday 1993 from Gloucester to Hereford and return and why it meant so much, recalling boyhood memories in London. Chepstow Race Day 1960 - S. R. Irwin.

22 September 1994

For 'Glamour' read 'Graft' - Ken Lush - Ken records impressions of a talk with top link driver Tom Jones of Bath Road, who retired in 1994. Includes some nice detail of footplate life, too much to start to list here. A good piece of 'reminiscence' writing, removing some of the 'glamour' as per the title. West Highland Fling - Ian Brewer. Monmouthshire Signal Boxes - Llanvihangel - Ray Caston. GCG Growler Railtour Report - Bryn Thomas. Pulling Power Explained - H. Walkley - brief explanation as per title, with the relevance of piston size, steam pressure, wheel diameter.

23 March 1995

Exploring to the West and to the East - Neil Sprinks - impressions of contrasting journeys on the Cardiff - Swansea line with its Swanline stations and then the Eurostar from Waterloo to Brussels and return. The Pacific Locomotives of the LMS - Harold Walkley. Monmouthsire Signal Boxes, Newport East - Ray Caston. And What's Wrong About a Fortnight in Ealing? - Henry West.


24 September 1995

The Kettle Valley Railway - E. G. W. Eke. The Support Crew - Keith Webb - gives a good idea on what goes on behind the scenes when 6024 runs mainline tours. MRS Archives, Good Progress - Ray Viney. Monmouthshire Signal Boxes, West Mendalgief - Ray Caston. To Paddington Behind a King - Ian Brewer - on the 1st March '95, 6024 ran from Swansea - Paddington - Didcot on its last run before withdrawal from service and a major overhaul. The trip is described with timings of the run. The Cheshire Lines Committee - Harold Walkley - describes who ran the system and the relationships between the joint owners of the CLC.


25 March 1996

An Engineman Remembers - Len Staddon/Bryn Thomas - ex-Neath and Severn Tunnel footplateman Len Staddon describes his early days on the GWR as a cleaner in 1936/7 at Neath Court Sart, covering some firing turns including Swansea Docks and shed pilot. Some of the cleaners pranks are told. First firing job on 'prep' link at Severn Tunnel Junction recalled after promotion in 1938. Bluebell '95. MRS Archives Update - Ray Viney. Slow but Sure. Monmouthsire Signal Boxes, Pontypool Road South Junction - Ray Caston. What a way to run a Railway - Harold Walkley.


26 September 1996

An Engineman Remembers, Part 2 - Len Staddon/Bryn Thomas - this article relates to firing days at Severn Tunnel Junction with some of the more and less mundane tasks included. Talks of the relationship between driver/fireman and the learning processes involved. Finishes off with the story of a derailment on 5679 in the Up loop near Pontsarn with Driver Smith. The Railways of Newport -W. J. Skillern - an article previously published in the July 1960 issue of the Railway Magazine. As the title suggests, describes the evolution of the railways in the area up to the 'then' present day with an insight into how the future was viewed. Monmouthshire Signal Boxes, Ebbw Vale Station - Ray Caston. What a Way to Run a Railway, Part 2 - H Walkley.



27 March 1997

From a Coal Tank Footplate -G. F. Jones - with an extended caption by H.Walkley to the accompanying photo, an article by an ex-driver on Webb’s Coal Tank engines, Describes their use around the Sirhowy valley. An Engineman Remembers - Len Staddon/Bryn Thomas - - the first of a 2 part article covering the many facets of ‘banking’ the Severn Tunnel, detailed in some parts. Part 1 concentrates on the Up direction for both freight and passenger workings. Cars Through the Tunnel - David Mathew - an insight into the car trains, that were a part of the ‘banker’ link at Severn Tunnel Jcn.. The working timetable for the service, albeit just 2 or 3 trains a day, is included for 1962/3. Food for Thought - Bryn Thomas/H. West - an extract from one of Mr. S.O.Ell’s papers on some of the proposals that were considered to improve throughput of the Severn Tunnel. 47XX’s banked by ‘Hall’s’? Monmouthshire Signal Boxes, Rogerstone Middle- Ray Caston. Hourly Service to Ebbw Vale? - H. West extracts the salient parts from the Railway Development Society leaflet that pushes for reinstatement of passenger services. Railway Killicks - article first published in 1921 detailing this extraordinary family who had seven brothers and the father in GWR service totalling over 300 years. Discovered on the Internet.

28 September 1997

40th Anniversary issue

Pictures of the first 40 years. List of Railtours. In the Beginning. The D.M.U. Railtour era. The Changing Scene.

29 March 1998

Valley Visits 1, Initiation - K. S.Farr - reproduced from Journals of 1978, a trip around S.E.Wales in 1958 taking in a circular route - Newport, Risca, Pontllanfraith, Quaker’s Yard, Aberdare and Cardiff. Gives an insight into some of the traffic on the system at the time. Meldon, Lickey & Shap - An Inclination for Railtours - B. Haines - recalls three mainline steam-hauled railtours that he had travelled on in Oct/Nov 97. An Engineman Remembers :-Len Staddon/Bryn.Thomas - second of two parts on Severn Tunnel ‘bankers’. With some detailed content, this part completes ‘Up’ banking and describes the ‘Down’ direction from Pilning to STJ. Also includes car trains, Sea Wall branch, Avonmouth and a few other bits. Additional information by Roy Williams forms a postscript. Part 1 was in the March’97 issue.


30 September 1998

An Engineman Remembers - Les Staddon talk to Bryn Thomas about working on the Wye Valley Line. Valley Visits 2 - Keith Farr - To the Heads of the Valley. Monmouthshire Signal Boxes - Rock Vein North Signal Box - Anthony Davies. An Unsuccessful/Successful trip - Ian Brewer - talks about the Pathfinder trip with 6024. IBS in the Tunnel - Ray Caston. The Rovers Return - Ian Brewer - spends a day traveling all of the Cardiff Valley Lines.


31 March 1999

Nearly One for the River - Ray Viney - report on the incident at Newport Station in 1938. An Engineman Remembers - Les Staddon talk to Bryn Thomas about wartime at Severn Tunnel Junction Yard. Singles or Doubles - Harold Walkley - talks about single or double chimneys. Monmothshire Signal Boxes Tredegar No.1 - Ray Caston. The Goose and the Ganger at Goring - Henry West. Valley Visits 3- The 11.15 to Dowlais Top - K. S. Farr - a trip from Swindon to Dowlais Top and back via Cae Harris to Cardiff.


32 September 1999

A Bowler will get you Anywhere! - Les Staddon. Disaster at Ebbw Junction - Ray Viney. Monmouthshire Signal Boxes - Courtybella Junction - Ray Caston. Wartime - An Engineman Remembers - Bryn Thomas talks to Len Staddon. Valley Visits; Bargoed Workers! - K. S. Farr.

33 March 2000

Western Recall - Bryn Thomas - Bryn recalls the life of Westerns. 'Splott Pilot' Railtour Bryn Thomas - An interesting tale of the problems in organising a railtour and the story of the Railtour. 'Pendennis Castle' Donated to the Great Western Society. Study gives Green Light for Western Valley Passenger Trains. Valley Visits; Up the Valley of the Ebbw - K. S. Farr.

34 September 2000

Freedom of Wales, 1962 - Keith Farr - Recalls a week exploring the Principality. The South Wales Railway: Opened 18th June 1850.Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - Some Thoughts on the railways of the Western Valley - Ray Caston. The Railway Life of Graham Powell - Graham recalls his working life and railway career from the age of 14, in the Severn Tunnel area. An Engineman Remembers: Double Home - Len Staddon talks to Bryn Thomas.

35 March 2001

Freedom of Wales, 1962 - Keith Farr - Recalls a week exploring the Principality. The South Wales Railway: Opened 18th June 1850.Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - Some Thoughts on the railways of the Western Valley - Ray Caston. The Railway Life of Graham Powell - Graham recalls his working life and railway career from the age of 14, in the Severn Tunnel area. An Engineman Remembers: Double Home - Len Staddon talks to Bryn Thomas.

36 September 2001

Severn - Solent Sojourn - B. G. Thomas, a journey to Bristol before the loss of loco-hauled Cardiff to Portsmourth trains. Annual Outing 2001- B. G. Thomas, societies trip to Great Central Railway, Loughborough. The Great Central Railway - Bernard Mills, an account of the Great Central Railway from experiences of recent MRS excursion, and traces the history of the line, the last mainline to be developed in the UK. An Hour with Jacko - L. Staddon & B. G. Thomas, a trip with a LMS driver from Bristol to Gloucester. Signal Box Cameo: Margam Sorting Sidings - Ray Caston.

37 March 2002

Isle of Wight: August 2001 - B. G. Thomas. Signal Box Cameo: Malvern Wells - Ray Caston. Historical Notes on the Railways of South East Monmouthshire - Arthur C. Pritchard - Part 1: How the railways came to the Eastern Valley. Life on the Rabbit Run - Graham Powell - recalls his time as a Goods Guard from 1946 at Severn Tunnel Junction.

38 September 2002

Brunel's Chepstow Railway Bridge - B. G. Thomas - A short history of the Chepstow Bridge. The Demon Docker Railtour 6th July 2002 - B. G. Thomas - A tour of Newport Docks (South Quay) and Cardiff Docks. Historical Notes on the Railways of South East Monmouthshire - Arthur C. Pritchard - Part 2: Amalgamation with G.W.R.. An Engineman Remembers - Len Staddon talks to Bryn Thomas - Pinning Down Brakes. Last Nightly Run for London Transport Steam - Ken Mumford - A article about the last time a steam locomotive would be used on a permanent way train on London Transport.

39 March 2003

A Signalman Recollects - R. Jones - talks about working in several signal boxes in Monmouthshire. Griffithstown Railway Museum - Ray Viney - visits the museum. Historical Notes on the Railways of South East Monmouthshire - Arthur C. Pritchard - Part 3: The Newport, Abergavenny and Hereford Railway and it subsidiaries. Night Run on the Central Wales - Emrys Davies - recalles a trip on the Central Wales line in 1972.

40 September 2003

Just a Thought (On the Eastern and Western Valleys) - John Hodge - talks about his time in the Cardiff District Train Office. Norwegian Interlude - Henry West - describes a trip on the Flam Railway. Fawley Museum - B. Thomas - recalls a MRS trip to William McAlpine's Fawley Hall collection. A Pounds worth of Mystery - Keith Hallen - describes his Mystery Trip from Cardiff.

41 March 2004

Even Preserved Railways Run Late - Ken Mumford - and a trip on the North Yorkshire Railway. The Closure of Rogerstone Yard - John Hodges - continues his story of working in the Cardiff Divisional Office in 1963. 200 Years of Locomotion: Celebratory Event in Merthyr - List of Events taking place to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Trevethick's historic first loco-hauled train on 21st February 1804.


42 September 2004

The Other Way to Waterford - Philip Barry - recalls his journeys on the Irish Railway. I Couldn't Believe my Eyes-Or my Luck! - John Hodge - A trip as a school boy to Barry Works and then to Barry Shed in the 1950's A Photographic Challenge - Ian Brewer - a story about find a photograph in a Newport Pill salvage yard of a railway accident and finding out the which, where, when and why of the incident. Heaven - Chris Youett - and a trip from Coventry to Cardiff.


43 March 2005

On Western Footplates - Don Fendley talks about his transfer to the Divisional Office at Reading as Traction Inspector in 1968. Ely Tidal Harbour Subway - A newspaper article about the closure of the subway in 1963. A Rookies Experience - Ian Brewer recalls his journey across the Canadian Rockies by train in 2004. Fun and Games at Old Oak Common - John Hodge - Talks about putting in a Heavy Maintenance and Cleaning control system for the Mark 2 def Air Conditioning Coaching Stock. Paddington to West Wales 1955- K. S. Farr- A journey behind a Castle. Early Days of Train Watching - Ken Mumford - Train watching starting in the Rhymney Valley.



44 September 2005

A Gala without Galoshes - Ray Viney recalls a MRS visit to Llangollen Railway when the weather was kind. Mile-a-Minute running to South Wales - Cecil J Allen - from an article reproduced from 'Trains Illustrated' magazine for November 1955. Much ado About Nothing - J. B. Davies republished from the Journal of September 1968, talks about his time as Station Master at Pontardawe in 1964. Wartime (Part 1) - Len Staddon - Notes by Bryn Thomas - talks about his wartime on the footplate.



45 March 2006

Swansea High Street - J. N. Westwood - A article first published in 'Trains Illustrated' in 1956. Monmouthshire Spotlight - Tredegar. The Trainspotter - K. S Farr - First published in the Journal August 1967. Linesider Early 1956.