Our next Zoom meeting is 
Thursday 28th October at 7pm
Three Ways to Monmouth 

Society Journal Editor Ray Viney presents another selection of photographs from the Society’s collection, this time illustrating the stations and rail traffic that served three delightful rural branch lines in Monmouthshire that closed to passengers in the 1950s.

  • Chepstow to Monmouth (Troy) station.

  • Ross-on Wye to Monmouth.

  • Monmouth to Little Mill Junction then down to Newport.

NEXT MEETING at the University Campus
 Owing to the problems surrounding Covid-19, we have had  to continue to postpone our meetings for the start of the 2021/22 season commencing in September 2021.   
           We hope to resume meetings during the remainder         of the season in early 2022.


Meetings are held in Lecture Theatre A09

University of South Wales,

Riverside City Campus, Newport.

All meetings start at 7.00pm with presentations

lasting a maximum of 2 hours.

The Monmouthshire Railway Society was formed in 1957 by the amalgamation of two separate groups of Newport based enthusiasts.


“The promotion and furtherance of the interest in Railways and associated forms of transport” was the original mandate of the Society and it has served the membership well over the years.

While recognising that steam engines are still often the prime attraction to most enthusiasts, a careful balance between the past, present and future has enabled the Society to attract members with a wide variety of interests, including a number of professional railwaymen.


We have often been complimented on the fact that the Society strives to keep pace with the times. Every effort is made to record as much as possible for the changing contemporary scene for future reference.

For almost 40 years the MRS toured the complex network of lines throughout South Wales, enabling enthusiasts from around the UK to navigate freight only lines that were normally inaccessible to the general public. The popularity of these tours was extraordinary and brought recognition to the Society and a great deal of pleasure to many enthusiasts from around the UK. The public came back for more year after year and many of the tours provided a profit and much valued income for the Society which has help ensure its longevity. Elsewhere on this website we look back at every one of the tours in the form of a slideshow.

In 2017 we celebrated our 60th Anniversary, which is thought to be quite unique and fine achievement for a railway society of our type and size.

A programme of guest speakers presenting a wide range of railway related topics is arranged each month from September to June. 

All meetings are held in the University of South Wales City Campus, Usk Way in Newport City Centre, where members and guests can meet in a friendly and convivial atmosphere. A comfortable lecture theatre with comprehensive media facilities are used, enabling most types of presentation.


The Society is continuing to form a photographic archive of the railways on Monmouthshire, with the aim of establishing a permanent record of the railway scene in the region. Since its inception in 1994 the collection has grown to over 1500 photographs many of which are used in Society publications. Many of these can be found on this website in our Gallery.


The Society magazine “The Journal” has been published since our inception for members. Over the years it has evolved from a simple photocopy double sheet to in recent years, a high quality A4 colour publication.

The magazine is published in March and September exclusively to members, and in addition a ‘Newsletter’ keeps members up to date with the latest news and events.


Early editions of the ‘Journal’ contain a wide array of interesting topics and photographs. A helpful gazetteer is available to trace any articles which may be of interest. Members can view the complete journals from 1987 to date by clicking here.